In January 2017 I joined the company CoreOS as a test-engineer helping the monitoring team and the rkt container engine team write reliable software. Eventually I joined the CoreOS’ monitoring team full-time as a software engineer and ultimately was invited to be part of the upstream Prometheus team due to my contributions to the Alertmanager sub-project.

Over the next 2 years and 4 month I worked a lot on Alertmanager, e.g. writing parts of its Elm-based UI and introducing API v2, a bit on Prometheus itself and a bunch within the overall Prometheus and Kubernetes ecosystem e.g. on kube-state-metrics. In addition being part of the open source project enabled me to speak at many conferences and meetups.

In May 2019 I left Red Hat, which had acquired CoreOS in 2018, thus I was not working on Prometheus related topics on my day-to-day job anymore. My Prometheus upstream contributions declined more and more over the next months. I eventually stepped down as an Alertmanager maintainer in January and now resigned from the Prometheus team.

From the pull request removing myself from the team list:

In no way should this imply that I am not a very big fan of Prometheus! In fact I just pushed for introducing native instrumentation into our main product, bugged people not to use a global registry, added 1000 comments on metric naming, pitched the power of metric-driven debugging and educated everyone on the danger of a cardinality explosions.

I am very thankful for the last 2 years and 4 month! Thanks for including me. Keep up this great work.