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I am Max, a software developer interested in distributed systems, type theory and consensus. Welcome to my little island on this crazy thing called The Internet.

You might enjoy browsing through my list of resources I consider worth sharing, get some inspiration from the numerous summaries of past reading group sessions that I organize or simply scroll through my resume to see what I am up to lately.

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Recent posts

Aug 19, 2017
End-to-end monitoring with the Prometheus Operator Kubernetes is a powerful system to build and operate a modern cloud-native infrastructure. Monitoring with Prometheus ensures that Kubernetes stays healthy. Prometheus is a stateful application, so operating it in a cloud native environment can be a challenging task. The Prometheus Operator makes running highly available Prometheus clusters, and even an entire end to end monitoring pipeline, easily manageable. Max will explain the functionality of the Prometheus Operator and describe a desirable end-to-end monitoring stack, including alerts and dashboards.…
Aug 19, 2017
Intro to Kubernetes Distributing and deploying software inside (Docker-) containers for security, isolation and ease of use is the new big thing. But once you got all your services nicely wrapped - who takes care of all these containers? The open source project Kubernetes, originating from Google, helps you manage containerized applications, as the operating system of your datacenter, treating hundreds of machines as a single resource pool. This talk introduces the core concepts of Kubernetes, its benefits and its huge ecosystem and gives you an idea of how Google controls parts of their gigantic infrastructure.…
Aug 18, 2017
Improving user and developer experience of the Alertmanager UI Alertmanager deduplicates, groups, and routes alerts from Prometheus to all kinds of paging services. With it comes a dated UI which does not live up to the expectations of the users, nor does it attract new contributors. From this talk, you will learn how we addressed these issues when building the new UI from scratch. We made it friendlier to users by removing unnecessary domain language noise. In addition we added new power features such as filtering and grouping.…